It's Really About You.

Which Coffee Blend Is Like You?


These are two of the same super blends. Fuel Your Freaky is the badass and Rayna is the Classy one. Which type are you (or better for your business?Standard blends work by combining multiple single origin beans that are lacking in one quality or another, matching them like puzzle pieces to flesh out the flavor profile. We decided to do one better. We take beans that already have complex flavor profiles and match them with each other, creating a new, unparalleled coffee experience. Whoever said it was bad to have too much of a good thing clearly wasn’t a coffee drinker.

The Beauty in the Beans

Sustainable sourcing is timeless, like Tom Selleck’s mustache. Some Kind of Coffee sources beans only from family owned micro-lots in the Americas, Africa, and the South Pacific. We hand-pick them (because the singularity hasn’t happened yet) and perform multiple checks to ensure their quality and unique characteristics.